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  • With systematic approach and appropriate professional guidance it is possible to score high in PTE.

PTE modules include : Writing, Speaking and  Listening Personal introduction : though doesn’t fetch you scores but gives you time to prepared for exam.

Read aloud : you get 30-40 secs to read the content.

  • Read the content carefully.
  • Speak after the beep within three seconds else after that mic will be off.
  • Intonation of important words.
  • Do not miss words ,repeat words ,add words, miss articles or pause.
  • You will be assessed on your coherence , fluency and pronunciation.

Repeat sentence :

  • Patiently hear the full sentence.
  • Memorize as much as you can .
  • Start speaking immediately after the beep and finish before progress bar reaches complete.
  • If you can’t repeat or remember sentence try remember key words 

    Describe image:

    • Study image in given time and prepare your content.
    • Speak after the beep.
    • Use descriptive words like lowest, minimum, zenith, highest point etc.
    • For maps use cardinals like north, south, east, north west etc.
    • Highlight differences and similarities.
    • Maintain fluency, be loud and clear.

    Retell the lecture:

    • Listen carefully.
    • Extract integral information.
    • Note important dates,places ,events,points,ideas etc.
    • Use your own words,don’t fumble try to maintain consistency.
    • Keep up with ideas.
    • Catch couple of main sentences and events even if u lose track of rest.

    Answer short question:

    • Questions are generic related to day to day life.
    • Proper use of articles is must.
    • Don’t stretch as these are one word or short answers.
    • Even if you don’t know answers try repeating question.

    Fill in the blanks:

    • Read the paragraph carefully.
    • Choose appropriate words.
    • Understand context of the word.
    • Pay attention to context, grammer and semantics.