Why choose IELTS and PTE Tutorials, Brisbane Pty. Ltd?

It is observed that most PTE test takers score less in speaking

We at IELTS and PTE Tutorials, Brisbane Pty. Ltd have simulated labs to practice under the supervision of competent tutors so that you can have access to real exam like situation reducing the exam anxiety during real test, unlike other organisations .

  1. b) We have also devised various in-house methodologies to make cracking the test easier in lesser duration.
  2. c) We provide written feedback for every student.
  3. d) Assessment of speaking skills recordings of students by tutors sent on Whatsapp which is then analysed by experienced instructors.

e) We appreciate that every individual is unique and has strengths and weakness and we at IELTS and PTE Tutorials, Brisbane Pty. Ltd try to identify the same and work in a systematic way to ensure that your weakness is not a hurdle to your success.

  1. f) We have specific strategies for each type of question for speaking module that is coherence, fluency and pronunciation which manifolds your scope for improvement.

g)Our targeted approach to other modules like writing and reading have proved extremely beneficial to the students over the time